Sunday, October 24, 2004

oh, and

the joggers pretty much ROCKED my SOCKS!

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

"Col. Mustard killed Mr. Green with the candlestick in the"

Jon Stewart won't be bestowing wicked pal status on Tucker Carlson any time soon.

After the 'debate' debacle on CNN's 'Crossfire' that had Stewart essentially questionning the integrity of the program and calling the bow attired Mephisto that is Tucker Carlson a dick, Carlson fired back a few days later calling Stewart 'sellout'.

I'm including this article because of the great picture of Tucker Carlson and also this great line :

"We don't elevate the debate, then he calls Tucker a vulgar name?" Begala said.

Begala didn't elevate the debate, but he did lead its descent into buffoonery :

BEGALA: We did promise naked pictures of the Supreme Court justices.

Celebrity feuds are awesome. I tried to ignite my own last night.

I wanted to link the articles back to but I don't know how everyone feels about 'pay' or 'ad' sites. Salon provides you with a day pass to its pay site provided you watch some pre-selected ad first. It's not a terrible price to pay as the content of Salon is pretty fantastic, but I'm sure it's not for everyone.

Monday, October 18, 2004

A Little Known Fact About Paul "Libraries Hate Me" Hammond:

This fact is available only through the Team Willow weblog.

A bizarre prophecy must have been foretold sometime in the near-distant past, which has been time-proven to be 100% accurate in my last four years in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

I have never, not once, ever visited, or had to visit the Killam Library on a day that it wasn't pouring rain outside. That may not sound like much at first, but consider it:

In four whole years, I've visited that library numerous times. Not as much as I should, but having the NSCAD Library at my disposal, and in closer proximity, I've got my excuses. (Well, that, and copious amounts of television shows on DVD in my livingroom) Regardless, without fail, every last time, no matter what the season, no matter what the previous weather conditions that day, within half an hour of my deciding to go to the Killam Library, buckets of wet, wet rain will start to pour from the sky.

Although I can't seem to find a reasonable explanation for this strange phenomenon, I can attest that I have yet to see the formula fail. So accurate is it that today, at around 3:00pm, as I looked outside at the bright blue sky, and thought to myself "I really need to go to the library today" I thought also "This might be it. This might be the day that the curse is broken." I reveled in that idea for the better part of an hour, imagining myself waltzing up to the doors of the Killam Library, wearing nothing but a light fall jacket, dry as a bone.

But I was rash in my excitement. Now, just 10 minutes before I have to leave, to walk down Robie Street for twenty minutes to that ill-fated building, it's actually starting to rain. Not just rain. Pour.

And the prophecy grows ever stronger.

EDIT: My luck may just have changed. Not two minutes before I was out the door, the rain stopped. Entirely. I was understandably skeptical, bearing in mind my rainy-library history, but I remained dry the entire walk there. And equally dry on the walk home. Could the Library-Curse be... lifted?

Also: In light of his formidable library skills, and beloved 'wicked pal' status, I would like to hereby declare Mark 'Footbag' Black The Most Awesomest Ever! In case you didn't already know that.

Sunday, October 17, 2004

This is unreal.

I think the best kinds of satire are the kinds that push that whole "too true to be funny" thing to new levels of creepiness.

We had a 4/5ths Team Willow outing last night to see Team America: World Police. Amongst other things, the movie introduces the expression "cock fag" to the lexicon. Kudos.


Saturday, October 16, 2004

oh, dear god

in case yall weren't sure how fucked up some people in america are, check this shit out.

Thursday, October 14, 2004

...And here it is, available for download!

Now available for download, the 6015 Explosion! Issue #7 a whopping two pages (four sides) of Tantalizing News Items, Fantastic Anecdotes, Slanderous Libel, and much, much more! It also includes the highly anticipated Team Willow Halloween Colouring Contest! Enter! Win glorious prizes!

Click HERE to download it today!
Then print it. Set your 'fit to page' settings to OFF.

There you go, you bunch of babies.
(I mean babies, like beautiful newborns.)

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Issue #7 of The 6015 Explosion is now available!

Honestly, I think the title says it all.


Tuesday, October 12, 2004

In retrospect, we may have been hasty.

It turns out that the heart-rending little cutie who we came to know and love as Dr. Abigail Von Batman-Sanchez III is actually a very well-loved cat with a happy home whose real name is Chameen.

In our haste to cast aspersions towards any of Chameen's theoretical neglectors (a haste which was, admittedly, amplified by our own sense of "doing good" by taking in the most hard-luck of all hard-luck kitties) we were a little neglectful ourselves; it didn't occur to us that someone else could possibly care about the little gal as much as we came to in a few short minutes. In our defence, you'd have to have a heart like a black hole and the emotions of a robot to not get a little protective of what turned out to be a 14-year old cat with a game leg and only half a colon. So on behalf of all of 6015 Willow Street, I'd like to extend a sincere apology to Kelly, who was stricken with panic and grief upon discovering that Chameen had escaped the backyard during her daily excercise session. Kelly is an excellent owner and looks after Chameen's multitude of health problems with diligence and love.

Although we will miss Chameen's measured demeanor, laconic pace and cute little mug in our house, we're all very relieved that she'll be returning to a happy home where she is well-cared for and can get the medication she needs.

Dear Chameen, we all hope you had a nice weekend adventure at our little apartment. Please know that you'll always be Dr. Abigail Von Batman-Sanchez III to us.


Monday, October 11, 2004

i lately feel as though online journal posts can't be totally complete without some sort of disclaimer attached, so here's mine: this is another semi solipsistic post and has nothing to do with house business and everything to do with francesca business. not really, but almost.

so with today having been canada's thanksgiving, i can't help but get nostalgic about the onslaught of autumn and winter. in america, thanksgiving comes over a month later, at the end of november. it's smack dab in the middle of the holiday season, with halloween being the beginning and continuing, in ascending order of size and awesomeness, through thanksgiving and resulting with christmas and the new year. but here, with thanksgiving being before halloween it seems almost out of order. i don't mean any ill will towards canada for thanksgiving being before halloween and thus throwing my whole holiday season appreciation off balance, in fact for me right now it's having an exciting effect in that it is accelerating the appreciation process up a bit. another thing that i will give canada this time around concerning the feeling that autumn gives me is that halifax has the rad east coast thing going for it. meaning that autumn here smells like autumn and feels like autumn, like the quality of light is such that you can tell that the holidays are coming and that soon people will start putting lights up around their houses and trees and nighttime just generally looks different in autumn than in summer or spring. autumn in california isn't anything like autumn on the east coast. some leaves might start lackadaisically flitting down from some trees, like they can't really be bothered with seasonal changes. seasons in california are essentially non-existent. they run together with a particle board style hodgepodge of the bare minimum of what most season are. like, almost all seasons are foggy sometimes, and rainy sometimes and sunny sometimes and windy sometimes, and the temperature almost never dips below 50f (which is 10c). i'm not talking about the extreme desert or mountain regions of california, just the coast and couple hundred miles inland. so anyway while you might have a stereotypically conformist idea that all of california is what you see on Beverly Hills, 90210, Melrose Place, or more recently The OC, it is actually a generous maybe 30% of california that is depicted there. and if you think a bit more critically and exercise your conscientious understanding of what television, especially television from hollywood, is trying to depict, you'll probably even further realise that that isn't even really what california is. from about santa barbara and north up the rest of the state, california resembles more closely the pacific northwest: oregon, washington and canada's fine province, vancouver. i, for one, absolutely vehemently loathe southern california; i could see myself existing for the rest of my days in san francisco, which is awesome and not a thing like LA or the OC. for example, people who live in san francisco like to wear lots of clothes when the weather turns cold, and don't normally get botox injections as often as they might change their underwear. san francisco is also not run by hippies anymore, as some might be prone to believing. one thing that does unite california and all of its subregions, however, is the fact that the terminator is "running" the state.

that's not really exactly what i was going for with this entry, though. what i was trying to say was that the lack of real autumn weather is something that i don't miss about california right now. the last time i spent a substantial amount of time on the east coast during the autumn months was in 1986, when i was 7 years old and lived outside of boston with my family and our cat ernie. i missed the leaves turning and that general holiday feeling that starts right about now. i might be convinced to hang around for snow, but going back to california does have certain pas de niege perks that i can seriously get behind.


Sunday, October 10, 2004

Two Legs Good, (2x) Four Legs Better

The following post concerns only humans and should be viewed by humans only. Not that we have anything to hide, why would we have anything to hide. This is simply humans only news.

The Doctor is indeed in, as Dr. Batman has now taken up residence at 6015 Willow Street. The irrepressible and indomitable Dr. Batman decided to shack up with us after hearing stories of our daring and cunning through the Feline Underground. Basically he heard this place was shit hot.

Dr. Batman should not be confused with Dr. Batmanghelidj of St Mary's Hospital Medical School of London University. Though the latter has uncovered the healing powers of water, we prefer our own feline Dr. Batman.

We would ask if you did not mention the presence of Dr. Batman to our other feline compatriot, E-L-L-I-O-T, at this time. We've got a feeling that out little feline bandito would not be overly enthusiased about having to share his pad with a grimalkin at this time. E-L-L-I-O-T is a wild and ka-razy guy, and he may view Dr. Batman as a usurper, but I'm pretty sure that ain't the swE-L-L-I-O-T we've all come to know and love.

Thusly, momentum was snuffed.

If I may begin with a digression, I'd like to mention that any use of the word "momentum" immediately makes me think of that episode of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air where John Witherspoon is stuck in a tree with Will and keeps on saying "momenamum." That was gold.

Dear all,

I guess I'd like to apologise for the recent inactivity of the Team Willow blog. Although this admission of a problem should in no way be taken as an admission of culpability on my part, I can no longer keep from commenting. Clearly, what was exciting has become "exciting;" what was cool has become "cool;" what was current has become "not so current." Finger quotes abound, interest wanes, enthusiasm has petered out to the point that I am physically and mentally incapable of coming up with a clever and/or succinct conclusion to this paragraph. Alas...

The cause may be as simple as the fact that the rest of us 6015 Exploders have been having a heckuva time drumming up a suitable follow up to Greg "Boonie G" Boone's undeniably perplexing bit of soul-baring from the other day, or it might have something to do with the fact that Mark "Money" Black has yet to make an appearance and no one else wanted to jump queue, or it might have something to do with the fact that not much has been happening 'round these parts. Well, I'm here to unequivocally put that last possibility's cold, rotting corpse into a cold, shallow grave as A LOT HAS BEEN HAPPENING AROUND HERE.

To wit:

1) Elliot has taken to "showing the goods" at any opportunity. Sometimes "showing the goods" also involves "licking the goods." In my expert opinion, this behavior is clearly a reaction to his imminent neutering - his way, if you will, of screaming, "You dare rob me of these bountiful orbs of life?! Tremble at my fecundity!"[1]

2) Paul's family sent us an econo-sized Rice Krispies box overflowing with Hallowe'en candy.

3) Greg's band played in Cape breton, Mark's soon-to-be-ex-band played in the valley, and my band played in Toronto. Go bands.

4) Francesca has declared the Charlie Brown-Outkast video mash-up to be "the cutest ever." Let me tell you, that kind of talk doesn't come easy from "Tough As Nails" Tallone and when it does it usually involves non-tesicle-related-Elliot activity.

5) Two words: french toast.

That's just a glimpse into the neck-snappingly quick-paced world of 6015 Willow Street. There's so much more to be said about this rag-tag crew of salty dogs, but if all were to be revealed here there'd be no reason to get excited about the imminent return of THE 6015 EXPLOSION! Lock up your daughters! The Narcisisstic Little House Newsletter That Could™ is back for the attack like a beast from the east![2]

To those of you left breathless in suspense by my previous entry: it's short. Maybe a little too short.


[1] It should, of course, be noted that Michael "Damian" Catano imagines a world in which cats talk like an angry Walt Whitman.
[2] Something that merits TWO Dokken references has to be big friggin' news, right?

Thursday, October 07, 2004

Oh My Gawd! :x

today, weekend

I saw Nick smile today! oh my god he's so cute! :x

Saw Jeff come in. who's 2 feet behind him? Yes, Nick. Who decides to talk to Jeff anyways? Yes, me. So I go up to him and I lean in and go 'he's right behind you' and he just starts retelling me about what he said to nick anyways. and Jessica thought I was goin to talk to Nick so she's like "Alice, you loser!!' and she made Nick smile/laugh!

ok, anyways...more accurate version of what Jeff said to Nick *as well as I can remember*

Jeff: hey you know that girl Alice? she follows you around and gave you a note and told you your boxers were showing?
Nick: yeah, I still gotta write her back *mumbles*
Jeff: yeah, well shes pretty cool and shes pretty hot so you should hit that
Nick: haha ok

yes. he said that.

Nick mumbles a lot. Jeff and Nicki have noticed too.
I like him... a lot. :x i cant help it.

dude i got problems. I seriously dont know what I want to do. Im getting all this advice from everyone including stuff like 'follow your heart'; 'dont follow your heart cuz it gets you into trouble' I know I want to talk to him really bad but then again I kinda wanna leave him alone and wait for a reply, cuz you know, 'a watched pot never boils.' but God, I wanna talk to him. so bad. SO BAD

I think Im gonna try to chat with him tomorrow. I dont care. I'll ask him what hes up to for thewekend, what hes doin after the PSATs and maybe, JUST maybe, I'll ask him to hang out after the PSATs... whatcha think? :x

kinda makes me a little sad cuz I dont know what to do. I dont know what I want to do I dont know what I should do.

Also, he hasnt looked at me really since I gave him that note (except for that day I smiled at him)

I <3 him
this weekend:

friday night: sleeping over Jessica's house
saturday: stayin at jessica's till about 3 ish
sunday: stuck home

now i can delete my other journal thingy

as with all of my passive aggressive situations, i was looking for a good excuse to do that only because i don't have the courage to just do it of my own volition.

thanks, team willow, for helping support my tendencies!

also, in case any of you, like myself, failed to note upon first viewing the fact that the entry underneath mine here is the inagural online journal entry of mr. michael d. catano, please take a moment to fully comprehend what has just happened.

in other news, maybe i'll leave the house today.


This is momentous.

Witness: the first forray of the pulchritudinous Michael Damian Catano into the forboding corridors of mankind's darkest sub-basement... the harrowing jungle of THE BLOG!!


In any case, Team Willow enthusiasts may be interested to know that myself and fellow 6015 Exploder, Francesca E. Tallone, have photos on display as a part of the Lomowall in the "Unrecognizable Recognizables" exhibition currently showing at the Economy Shoe Shop on Argyle Street.

Before I sign off, I feel like this moment wouldn't be even close to complete without including a piece of the solipsistic minutae that seems to be the bread and butter of la monde du blog. So to that end, I'm getting my haircut today. Deal with it.


Team Willow Is Online!

Team Willow announced excitedly this morning, that it has joined the online community. With the project well in the works, this inaugural post reportedly has fans dizzy with excitement! Lookout Halifax, Willow Street is going Global!