Monday, October 11, 2004

i lately feel as though online journal posts can't be totally complete without some sort of disclaimer attached, so here's mine: this is another semi solipsistic post and has nothing to do with house business and everything to do with francesca business. not really, but almost.

so with today having been canada's thanksgiving, i can't help but get nostalgic about the onslaught of autumn and winter. in america, thanksgiving comes over a month later, at the end of november. it's smack dab in the middle of the holiday season, with halloween being the beginning and continuing, in ascending order of size and awesomeness, through thanksgiving and resulting with christmas and the new year. but here, with thanksgiving being before halloween it seems almost out of order. i don't mean any ill will towards canada for thanksgiving being before halloween and thus throwing my whole holiday season appreciation off balance, in fact for me right now it's having an exciting effect in that it is accelerating the appreciation process up a bit. another thing that i will give canada this time around concerning the feeling that autumn gives me is that halifax has the rad east coast thing going for it. meaning that autumn here smells like autumn and feels like autumn, like the quality of light is such that you can tell that the holidays are coming and that soon people will start putting lights up around their houses and trees and nighttime just generally looks different in autumn than in summer or spring. autumn in california isn't anything like autumn on the east coast. some leaves might start lackadaisically flitting down from some trees, like they can't really be bothered with seasonal changes. seasons in california are essentially non-existent. they run together with a particle board style hodgepodge of the bare minimum of what most season are. like, almost all seasons are foggy sometimes, and rainy sometimes and sunny sometimes and windy sometimes, and the temperature almost never dips below 50f (which is 10c). i'm not talking about the extreme desert or mountain regions of california, just the coast and couple hundred miles inland. so anyway while you might have a stereotypically conformist idea that all of california is what you see on Beverly Hills, 90210, Melrose Place, or more recently The OC, it is actually a generous maybe 30% of california that is depicted there. and if you think a bit more critically and exercise your conscientious understanding of what television, especially television from hollywood, is trying to depict, you'll probably even further realise that that isn't even really what california is. from about santa barbara and north up the rest of the state, california resembles more closely the pacific northwest: oregon, washington and canada's fine province, vancouver. i, for one, absolutely vehemently loathe southern california; i could see myself existing for the rest of my days in san francisco, which is awesome and not a thing like LA or the OC. for example, people who live in san francisco like to wear lots of clothes when the weather turns cold, and don't normally get botox injections as often as they might change their underwear. san francisco is also not run by hippies anymore, as some might be prone to believing. one thing that does unite california and all of its subregions, however, is the fact that the terminator is "running" the state.

that's not really exactly what i was going for with this entry, though. what i was trying to say was that the lack of real autumn weather is something that i don't miss about california right now. the last time i spent a substantial amount of time on the east coast during the autumn months was in 1986, when i was 7 years old and lived outside of boston with my family and our cat ernie. i missed the leaves turning and that general holiday feeling that starts right about now. i might be convinced to hang around for snow, but going back to california does have certain pas de niege perks that i can seriously get behind.