Tuesday, October 12, 2004

In retrospect, we may have been hasty.

It turns out that the heart-rending little cutie who we came to know and love as Dr. Abigail Von Batman-Sanchez III is actually a very well-loved cat with a happy home whose real name is Chameen.

In our haste to cast aspersions towards any of Chameen's theoretical neglectors (a haste which was, admittedly, amplified by our own sense of "doing good" by taking in the most hard-luck of all hard-luck kitties) we were a little neglectful ourselves; it didn't occur to us that someone else could possibly care about the little gal as much as we came to in a few short minutes. In our defence, you'd have to have a heart like a black hole and the emotions of a robot to not get a little protective of what turned out to be a 14-year old cat with a game leg and only half a colon. So on behalf of all of 6015 Willow Street, I'd like to extend a sincere apology to Kelly, who was stricken with panic and grief upon discovering that Chameen had escaped the backyard during her daily excercise session. Kelly is an excellent owner and looks after Chameen's multitude of health problems with diligence and love.

Although we will miss Chameen's measured demeanor, laconic pace and cute little mug in our house, we're all very relieved that she'll be returning to a happy home where she is well-cared for and can get the medication she needs.

Dear Chameen, we all hope you had a nice weekend adventure at our little apartment. Please know that you'll always be Dr. Abigail Von Batman-Sanchez III to us.