Thursday, October 07, 2004

Oh My Gawd! :x

today, weekend

I saw Nick smile today! oh my god he's so cute! :x

Saw Jeff come in. who's 2 feet behind him? Yes, Nick. Who decides to talk to Jeff anyways? Yes, me. So I go up to him and I lean in and go 'he's right behind you' and he just starts retelling me about what he said to nick anyways. and Jessica thought I was goin to talk to Nick so she's like "Alice, you loser!!' and she made Nick smile/laugh!

ok, anyways...more accurate version of what Jeff said to Nick *as well as I can remember*

Jeff: hey you know that girl Alice? she follows you around and gave you a note and told you your boxers were showing?
Nick: yeah, I still gotta write her back *mumbles*
Jeff: yeah, well shes pretty cool and shes pretty hot so you should hit that
Nick: haha ok

yes. he said that.

Nick mumbles a lot. Jeff and Nicki have noticed too.
I like him... a lot. :x i cant help it.

dude i got problems. I seriously dont know what I want to do. Im getting all this advice from everyone including stuff like 'follow your heart'; 'dont follow your heart cuz it gets you into trouble' I know I want to talk to him really bad but then again I kinda wanna leave him alone and wait for a reply, cuz you know, 'a watched pot never boils.' but God, I wanna talk to him. so bad. SO BAD

I think Im gonna try to chat with him tomorrow. I dont care. I'll ask him what hes up to for thewekend, what hes doin after the PSATs and maybe, JUST maybe, I'll ask him to hang out after the PSATs... whatcha think? :x

kinda makes me a little sad cuz I dont know what to do. I dont know what I want to do I dont know what I should do.

Also, he hasnt looked at me really since I gave him that note (except for that day I smiled at him)

I <3 him
this weekend:

friday night: sleeping over Jessica's house
saturday: stayin at jessica's till about 3 ish
sunday: stuck home