Thursday, October 07, 2004

This is momentous.

Witness: the first forray of the pulchritudinous Michael Damian Catano into the forboding corridors of mankind's darkest sub-basement... the harrowing jungle of THE BLOG!!


In any case, Team Willow enthusiasts may be interested to know that myself and fellow 6015 Exploder, Francesca E. Tallone, have photos on display as a part of the Lomowall in the "Unrecognizable Recognizables" exhibition currently showing at the Economy Shoe Shop on Argyle Street.

Before I sign off, I feel like this moment wouldn't be even close to complete without including a piece of the solipsistic minutae that seems to be the bread and butter of la monde du blog. So to that end, I'm getting my haircut today. Deal with it.