Tuesday, December 28, 2004

we had to tunnel our way out

so i know i'm the lamest for posting twice in a row, but fellow teamsters are busy updating their own, personal blogs, and i have not my own blog, so i'm adopting this one. hope that's cool, yo.

anyway, today, post blizzard, having not left the house yesterday for nary a snowflake upon the tongue, michael and i bundle up (5 layers each) for a trek in the early morning sunshine to chez catano. treading cautiously down our freezing, cavernous staircase and rounding the slight corner we find that the 1" gap between our front door and the jamb yeilds a pile of snow blown in from the blizzard, not yet a puddle of freezing water, and mocking us from the floor of our tiny foyer. opening the door after exclamations of shock we find that there is a snowdune of about a foot and a half stuck to the door. i proceed first into the dusty snow and promptly sink into it up to about my knees. neither our front steps nor our sidewalk have been shovelled. luckily there is a pathway beaten down by previous promenaders. during our walk i'm taken by the snow's pristine whiteness which all the sandy beaches in california cannot match and i even take pictures. i'm a nerd. michael practically books through the snow and i'm grabbing at anything within reach so i don't slip. when we get to chez catano i shovel snow! i clear a path! i help unearth the car! then my stylish-but-completely-useless boots create frostbite on my poor piggies and i wimp out. luckily michael, wearing a red sweatshirt and a red vest, creates a stunning picture whilst shovelling the driveway so my watching from the warm house wasn't for naught. afterwards we mistakenly think a trip to the mall for errands is a good idea. by the time we get home i'm thinking our landlord would have made it over to dig our house out. he has not. our next door neighbors have, however, shovelled the entire driveway and our backyard, thereby excavating our 2-week old bags of garbage. at least, i think it was them. i'm going over tomorrow to find out for sure. with baked goods.

if anyone wants to see the picture of me standing next to a snowbank that's taller than me, let me know.