Wednesday, January 19, 2005

it was more like "american reject"

dear diary,

last night after i got home from yoga with nicole, i sat down and watched american idol for the first time in my life. i, even while being fully aware of the depravity of my own country, was totally shocked at how the judges responded to some of (albethem really, really embarrassingly horrible) the people auditioning. what's even more sad is that these people in question, the really really embarrassingly horrible ones, were completely convinced of their "talent." it was devastating to watch. mary roach, though, could probably rock the talkies playing nothing but schitzo roles. for the record, mary roach, mark mcgrath is NOT hot.

here she is! does she remind anyone else of anyone?

Friday, January 07, 2005

Team Willow

I would like to point out that at this very moment, Paul and Francesca are doing sit-ups while Mark Black is getting his chin-up on.

2005: Jockercise.


Wednesday, January 05, 2005

wanted: makers of potato leek soup

a while back, i'd say before christmas, we (team willow) received a bounty at our doorstep. the bounty included 2 full tupperwares of steaming potato leek soup, right pretty soup i might add, it was white, green and red. the bounty also included a bag of tangerines or clementines or some other breed of small orange. team willow was collectively stoked and very hungry, so this was awesome.
i'm issuing a plea for information as to who made this bounty and delivered it, incognito/a, to our doorstep that chilly evening. i also wanted to add that we're going to blend it, maybe throw in another spice or two. hope you don't mind. and thanks!