Tuesday, March 15, 2005

IT left ME.

being in my hometown gives me a really backward sense of nostalgia. it's not as much homesickness as it is a strange feeling of regret that some things might never have had the chance to become memories.

Friday, March 11, 2005

the REAL link

i used the force and found a linky link that works for everyone, even sith. use it wisely.

Monday, March 07, 2005

remember that wax song?

(pardon me for posting about the events of my life.)

my weekend in socal was super-radical. kira met me at lax and i was hoping i'd see some stars but alas. lax is not all it's cracked up to be. instead we went to the oc to go to this tubular vegan restaurant that kira found and i got to quell my craving for a BLT. it was awesome. after going to some unreasonably expensive stores we hightailed it back to san diego for the afternoon. that evening we went to san diego's version of first thursdays where a rock band was playing and some girls were doing some emotional performance art. there were terry winters paintings but the sort that neither i nor kira are huge fans of. he usually does natural, amoebic stuff like spores and molecules but it was more lines and geometric images that weren't very captivating. art openings/closings in san diego rival art openings/closings in san francisco and halifax for the amount of hipsters who all look alike. it's quite astonishing. we didn't stay long due to the fact that i was a total basket case and i went to bed at around 10. the next day i had scheduled an interview/portfolio review with an oc art/retail collective called the lab who contract artists out to do different types of jobs and art shows and such. the idea of networking myself and being bicoastal strikes me as a bit of a long shot but hopefully something will work out. coincidentally the lab is across the street from the campsite and they are sister organisations. and the campsite is where that awesome vegan restaurant is where we had lunch the day before so we went twice in a row. we met up with kira's boytoy erik who is awesome and he joined us for lunch. we went back to san diego after that and kira made me drink a wheatgrass. if you've never had wheatgrass which i had never despite numerous propositions and close calls it's essentially like drinking your lawn. it smells revolting but is actually really sweet and gives you a gnarly buzz. it makes you feel like the idea of eating a fruit or a vegetable is ridiculous. so after being sufficiently high off grass (heh heh) we went back to kira's rockin pad and watched an iranian movie called crimson gold. despite being "unwatchable teduim" i thought it was pretty good. my standards for movies are often remarkably low (see the time i watched "cursed" and enjoyed it, albeit for ironic reasons) but i thought it was well-shot and entertaining. it was sad. so it started pouring around 7 that evening just in time for us to meet up with my old friend emmy, go to the awesomest mexican restaurant south of san francisco and see her rock band play. it was definetly rockin. and people who smoke indoor public spaces ruin my life. don't do that. saturday was our day to drive all over southern california to go to art museums. our first stop was the pasadena museum of california art where there was a new mark ryden show, wondertoonel. i think his paintings are pretty and it was good that i had kira with me because a lot of them had russian words that i would never have been able to read, then i would have missed the entire meaning. the rest of the stuff there was so-so but there was a photo exhibit with century-old images of pasadena and then modern images of the same places, which i always find interesting. from there we drove to la, i really wanted to drive on mulholland drive because neither of us had ever done. so we drove out there and started out going the wrong end because it's really long and we drove up the dead end part. we tried finding another way but that way was also dead so we started from the beginning only to be cut off by roadblocks stating that mulholland was closed due to landslides and flooding from the ridiculous amount of rain that california has gotten in the past month. so my dreams were completely shattered. we went to the UCLA hammer museum after that. i forgot to mention that using my expired SFMOMA staff id got us in to both places for free. that's a handy little id to have around. my favorite thing at hammer was the airplanes. i thought it was brilliant. this part was my favorite, when the planes landed and took off. it was awesome. after that we drove to lake forest (isn't that a rad name for a town?) to have thai dinner with erik, during which i was a basket case again (i thought i was getting sick but it ended up being allergies i think, tons of tropical plants around) and again went to bed by 10. it was awesome and now i'm at home in san luis obispo and i promise the next time i post it won't be so comprehensive. today i watched 4 hours of x-files reruns and ate girl scout cookies.

Sunday, March 06, 2005

it's not cali!

the oc meets your expectations.