Thursday, June 02, 2005

Item The First :

The man in the middle, Bill Lee flanked by Dom Dimaggio and Johnny Pesky, signed a baseball that I purchased on Ebay. Now I can't find the frigging thing. Has anyone seen it?

Most likely this ball is underneath my bed and it's simply a matter of cleaning my room, but in the unfortunate case that I left the item in the shared living quarters of 6015 Willow St I will need your help.

Update : The aforementionned ball was in my detergent box, it will now rest upon my new dresser.

Item The Second :

Best spring roll in town?

The competitors :

-Robie Food
-Just Spring Roll
-Kinh Do
-King Wah's

I propose a Summer Spring Roll Off

Item The Third :

Paul and I have been caught up in Aicha mania thanks to Laura Peek.

I found some sites last night :

Gelliman FAQ

Aicha remakes

I think we've discovered this summer's latest Willow St Dance Craze.
Goodbye My Future Girlfriend, Hello Gellieman!