Friday, August 12, 2005

we still exist.

i was just checking the team willow blog stats and it said we have 49 posts, so i thought i'd make it an even 50 by just stopping in to say that we're all still alive, just..not posting here anymore lately. for one thing, paul and greg are out touring with the sharp like knifes. markblack is busy with his awesome new jobby and michael and i have our own blogs now. which obviously means we don't have time to update this one (even though i probably still will). team willow is still standing (good thing nothing fell into it during the last rain storm) and elliot has a few new tricks. the show in the gallery right now is totally fucking rad, so do try to stop by before the end of august to have a looksee. there is talk amongst the team willow higher-ups about a communal yard sale so we'll keep you updated. can you imagine how fucking radical a team willow et al yard sale will be come on seriously. imagine owning something that came out of team willow. it'll be like the little frog prince, right in your own home.